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I've spent the last 2 days.....

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Driving 500 miles looking at jeeps. There is not one black 04-06 TJ rubi with manual trans and both tops anywhere.

Talk with one jeep dealer and I don't think they spoke English. I said no JK's but yet they tried to shove one down my throat.

If anyone happens to see a black rubi TJ sitting on a dealers lot let me know their name and I'll do the rest. I don't want anything out of the northeast.

Push comes to shove I should be back in the saddle by yrs end.
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Mike, I just ran an Autotrader search for 2004 - 2006 black Wranglers with a manual transmission, within 500 miles of you, and Rubicon as a keyword. 13 results came up. Unfortunately you might have to settle for a hardtop or soft-top and purchase the other separately.

If I remember correctly, you want it completely stock. Do you have any mileage parameters?

Another option if you know someone at a dealership is to have them do a search. I believe they have access to a database of used cars through auctions or other dealers.
Will keep an eye out. The JKs are popular, but not for me.
Steve, been on autotrader and eBay for several weeks looking. Craigslist is a waste of time.

Using nada, kbb and eBay as a price guideline I am seeing 50% of the rubis on AT over priced as far as stockers go. I'd be willing to go 10-15% over nada but it better be clean, straight and still smell new. LOL

What i'm after is a 04-06 TJ Rubi with a manual transmission and with hardtop. Mileage should be less then 60 k. Don't want it all beat up and should be rust free. If one is modded that would be okay as long as it isn't beat to death. The mods will disappear quick enough once I get one back home.

I've seen too many slick rubis priced under 20 and a fair share priced under 18 to be paying 20+... So I would say my cap would be 18... That isn't in concrete.

Don't really care where one is located, I have a truck and trailer and a few days might do me good.
Mouse said:
Will keep an eye out. The JKs are popular, but not for me.
Same here. I've had a jk and hated it. Time to go back to the tj.
Okies said:
I don't want anything out of the northeast.

How far north, do you consider the northeast to start?

Mason Dixon line? :lildevil:
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Funny... LOL

The only thing about the northeast that worries me is rust. I've seen some pics of the undercarriage that have been posted here.... Rust is fugly...

I would guess most of it is harmless but I really don't want to do a frame off to clean it up... But if the price is right I could just as easily make a road trip into cold country as I could to sunny beach land..
I'll keep a look out here. I know I saw a few black rubicons on some lots. i'll take a closer look for ya
There has been one floating around different parking lots in Amarillo, FSBO, but I don't know any details. But it's definitely a black rubi. I'll try to locate it and see what details I can get you.
If you are not using craigslist, you are not utilizing a very important resource.

Use It will search craigslist all over the country. When I was looking for my Jeep, that's what I used. A lot of smaller dealerships post on craigslist. I found my Jeep almost 2000 miles away.
Glad to hear you're finally getting a Jeep again Mike. Good luck with your search and I'll keep an eye out for you South of the boarder.
I did not know I had that much value left in mine. Here is one near Houston:
MJM said:
I did not know I had that much value left in mine. Here is one near Houston:
That one looks like it is really clean. Kinda funny that it has a snorkel, when it is bone stock and has street tires on it. :laugh:
OKRCON said:
Glad to hear you're finally getting a Jeep again Mike. Good luck with your search and I'll keep an eye out for you South of the boarder.
I'm kicking tires. Not an easy task finding one that I want at the price I feel comfy paying.

I been coast to coast on the net and can't get over the gaps in price I am seeing. Prices any where from 11k to 22k on averages. I've seen ads that people have put in rare in the title to rebuilt better the new from a crash..

Khaki seems to be the popular color, followed by red. Black and yellow are far and few and the gold seems to be the hardest color to find.

What I have noticed is that 90% of the rubis are low miled.

Modded rubis are bringing less then stickers. People are taking some very hard hits on the mods.. sad to see it.

Rubis in the south that are stock and dealer held are bringing premiums. Rubis in the north that are also stock and dealer held seem to be bring far less then the southerners. Modded rubis are bringing premiums I'm the west coast and Florida. Rest of the country looks to be taking some serious hits..

Just my observations. Be cool to do a spreadsheet on it to see what is really happening.

You can just about throw nada out the window. Which males it hard if someone needs to borrow the money. I would say that mist buyers will gave to come up with a few k's to get the loan.

All in all most of the rubis out there are low miles and clean. Now I just have to find what I want. I have a few that I might consider that are not exactly what I want, but they are nice.
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I've got a few feelers out. Should hear something this week. No matter what, I want to have one in the garage my Xmas.. will see.
How do you search CL without going to every city ?

I've seen a few ads that would be a great bargain....05 jeep rubicon, 2950.00...
I'd jump all over it but I am too lazy to use their shipping company plus they ask too many personal questions... LOL
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