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It's History.. Jeep History

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A thread really worth going through and spending a little time looking at.. You won't regret it
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XJ Knight, the link is not working. Would you please post it again?

When you post a link, first press the "URL" button on the reply screen. Then paste the actual link between the tags:

[color=#FF4000]this is the link [/color]

It prevents the URL from getting munched.
Thanks. Should be fixed now.. Enjoy, I know I have
Saw those posted over on our local WA board - really neat to see the pics and Jeeping from areas I wheel now - Naches/Yakima WA area. The same thread is posted over on JU as well. Some of the later pics are from when the "grandfather" moved to CA. ... p?t=524973

Tread Lightly - not. If the USFS rangers saw me driving through the same river, they'd impound my Jeep I bet!!
Cool pics. Thanks for the link.

Pretty sure I spotted Mac in there....
I loved these pictures. They remind me on what my folks used to do in the 60's.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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