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It actually worked

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We had an assortment of vehicles. I got word of a broken axle and saw that his wheel had walked its way out, but the shaft was still half way in the tube. I had seen on the internet where others had experienced this. When I heard, “Norm, come look at this,“ I felt a lot of weight.

”We’re going to jack this up and push it back in.” That part was a no brainer.
”Then we’re going to use part of a high lift jack with straps to keep the wheel from walking out.” They added greasing the tire.

It worked. In our situation someone standing on it kept it secure. We were going slow enough to negate any danger and fortunately didn’t have to go that far.
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That's freaking awesome.

I've seen that done with a log instead of the hi-lift handle.
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If you angle the handle, one strap higher ar 2pm (attached to bumper) and one lower at 8pm (attached to LCA) there is no need for someone one it since it can not walk up.
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Thanks. Good stuff.
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