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Installed Currie front trackbar and 3/4'' spacers, some Q's

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I received my Currie RockJock front trackbar yesterday (9120TJJ), thanks to Dave at northridge4x4! Arrived earlier than expected too.

Anyway, I installed it tonight along with some 3/4'' front spring spacers (just added a winch plate and winch on my LJ). Apparently the previous owner of my jeep had relocated the front OEM TB by drilling an extra hole on the axle end. It was the same size as stock hole, and just to the right of it towards driver side. I wasn't thinking and was in a hurry, and got my 1/2 drill bit and drilled that hole out bigger like it says in the instructions. (Axle end is 1/2'', frame end is drilled to 5/8'') I had the bar adjusted as short as it could go and it would not line up with the hole. I shifted the axle over and all that and got it in there, but then noticed the original stock hole after I got my spacers on. Looked for pics online to make sure that WAS the original hole and that 2 holes isn't stock. It was, so I drilled that one out, luckily still had room and the 2 holes aren't really overlapping each other so it should be fine. Now I was able to lengthen the currie TB a bit and get it centered. BTW this bar is super beefy, huge! It also took care of my mild 'death wobble' and shimmy going down the road.

Here are my questions though. Once I got the frame end bolted up on there, I greased the johnny joint a bit and moved the bar around to work the grease into it. It just felt kinda tight for me. Def. not as free moving/flexible as my RE control arm JJ's. Is it because it is brand new? Is it a different style because it doesn't need as much flex? I just figured it would move all around in every possible direction. It doesn't as much as I would think. Did I put enough grease?

I sort of used the center of my tires to measure the axle centering. There is probably a better way to do this, correct? I would think this reading can change depending on alignment, steering wheel location, etc. What method is best? I think its almost exactly centered, but I want to double check using a different way.

The spacers were a bit of a pain to get in, I ended up disconnecting swaybar (obviously) unbolting shocks, unbolt frame end of control arms, and then finally unbolted axle end of new trackbar. I was then able to get the springs out and the new spacers in. Everything feels great now and the jeep drives wonderful...I just heard some sort of noise when going over the huge speed bumps near my house. Could it be the frame end bushings of my RE arms? They were fine, but maybe moved around and are noisy now? I waited to tighten them fully when jeep was on the ground completely. What about the spacers, the material making noise against my springs? It is like a low pitched noise, groaning type sound. Like a worn rubber bushing would sound. I can't duplicate it by pushing up and down on the front end, even jumping up and down on bumper lol. Could the trackbar be causing that? I graesed every front end fitting and the lower RE JJ's on the control arms when I was doing everything else. If anyone has ideas let me know! Thanks so much!
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They say imitation is the best form of flattery-or something like that anyway. :laugh: Point being your old RE joints are not like your new Currie JJ's. The JJ's are and will remain tight. They won't take much grease either so don't sweat it. You should be fine-provided your hole issues aren't enough to warrant flex in the bar or additional wobble over time and the bolts can remain tight. Hard to know for sure without a pic, but if you do develop wobble over time or can't keep those bolts tight, the bar is likely flexing a bit-just enough to allow for some play, which can and will lead to other issues. IF that occurs, get a new bar made right without the extra holes and you should be fine. Hopefully what you have currently will work without issue though...

Best of Luck,

Thanks! Makes sense. The bar though is fine, no extra holes or anything. The extra hole is in the trackbar bracket on the axle end. Just to the right of the original hole. So if I have any issues I guess I can weld over that or strengthen the mount somehow. Thanks again!
Weird, today driving to work it seems like a slight wobble still if I let go of wheel. I am going to get tires balanced today to see if that helps but not sure.

Also, I haven't found the noise. It only does it on large bumps and sounds like when brakes are metal to metal. I don't see any signs of rubbing anywhere.
Found the noise...pretty sure at least. RF spring didn't fall into place properly. It's rubbing inside the front and inside edge of spring perch/frame. I can probably just disconnect swaybar and lift up the jeep and rotate it. I looked right but I was doing it by myself and had nobody to watch the spring when I was lowering it.
Well I can't get this spring to not rub on the bracket. No idea why it's like that. The bottom of the spring is where it needs to go in the bottom perch. I need to fix this asap, all I did was the spacers and track bar. Anyone know of a fix or something I'm doing wrong? I can send pics to someones email if they need. Thanks!
Got back from Harlan, KY! Wow, what an amazing trip! Had a great time with everyone who met us out there, even with all the issues we had lol. My jeep performed great and I was impressed! Everyone did good and seemed to have a blast.

I have a few weird things going on now, but think I know what some are lol. Rear driveshaft got dented in a bit from the rocks and gouged up, and looks like one of the Ujoint caps is coming loose. I have a pretty strong vibe at 60-70mph. Doesn't really change from accel/decel, but I can get it to lighten up with a bit less throttle. Does it worse when I left off the gas and coast at 65mph. I'll be looking for a stock drive shaft for now!

Also, I have a loud creaking noise in the steering and sounds like it is coming from the steering box itself :( It is either that or the u joint that is part of the steering column/shaft that is right before the box by the grille. It's also had a popping when turning in parking spaces and stuff, maybe related? Any common issues with this? Already checked tightness of steering box mount bolts. Thanks again for all the help, and sorry for all these posts lol.
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I have the same problem with the popping sound! They say because of the geometry of the lift or body lift you put on the jeep, the steering shafts are not made to handle it! Went to the dealer and they said it was the intermediate shaft, went to Offroad Evolution and Mel also told me the same thing!
Long story short, we have to replace the steering shaft! Which one I don't know? But I been meaning to call Borgeson Steering to find out? Rk.45
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