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I busted it

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Hey well last night got a little crazy. Some one said u can't climb that. So now I think I have a broken axle shaft. In 2wd the drive shaft spins but not the wheels. Then when I hit the rear locker. (I have done the locker bypass). I spin one rear wheel and the other kinda wobbles. Any suggestions I've never dealt with this before thanks
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My bet is your shaft broke and the locker sustained some damage, so...
ARB w/Superior or Alloy USA shafts would be your cheap option... should only set you back about $1300 or so.

My suggestion is to build an entire custom rear unit. Goodluck on whatever you decide. :pBR:
I would unbolt the tire/axle shaft and pull it out along with opening the differential cover to see if there are any metal chunks and if you can push the remaining shaft out of the locker splines. You maybe lucky and only need to upgrade to chromoly shafts.

here is a writeup you can follow:
That doesn't sound like cheap at all geez hopefully I can get by with just new shafts.
Sounds like the locker still works,for the most part. The locker, in my experience, is usually the weak link. That's why some have suggested the locker and axle upgrade.
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