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hub centric ring ?

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Question for input. Jeep #2 is a 98 XJ with 245 pro comp at's on '03 rubi rims. Had a shimmy since placed on jeep. Only between 50-55. Tires have been road balanced, rims match balanced. Front end is tight, alignment is spot on. New tie rods, ball joints, and track bar is tight. The tire guy, who has some time under his belt, said with the lugs tight he still had a little "up and down" movement of the wheel. He feels that the rubi rim's center bore is bigger than the hub and this is the cause of the shimmy. He recommended hub centric rings to correct this gap. Sound plausible? I assumed the wheels would be fine when I put them on. Anyone have any experience with these and if so what size?
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Are you running the acorn (or angle) style lug nuts?
Yes acorn style nuts. I'm thinking of swapping the wheels between the two and see if either act differently.
What is your hub size on the XJ? Tomorrow I can check what I have on the stock Rubi 44 and if they are the same, the mechanic is nuts.
In going over the printout from the tire shop, it seems the tire on the RR took 42lbs on the road force balance. the other 3 were right around 10lbs. I'm now starting to think out of round tire maybe? Need to buy a fifth as a spare anyhow, so this may become that spare. Still going to throw the 245's on my rubi and give her a spin to make sure there is nothing else going on with the XJ. I may put my 33's on the XJ to see same. I'm just worried my son won't want to swap back.
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