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High Speed LJ...Teraflex Speed Bumps?

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I'm pretty happy with my "lowered" lift (3" Nth springs - down from 4.5" RE setup). The Rokmen arms flex well, the progressive springs keep ride height consistent with or without trail tools, and the OME Nitrocharger shocks are soft enough for DD duty but responsive enough on the trail.

Only problem is the shorter springs have less up-travel before hitting the bumpstops, and with a hardtop and driver my jeep clocks in at just a touch over 5000 lbs. With the family and gear, it's not possible to do much over 15 mph on a rough fire road before it bottoms out all over. I'm fairly convinced the bottoming out & high speed capability isn't going to be solved with springs and shocks - their job is to dampen and absorb, but the bump stop plays a critical role to protect the shock and will have to hit occassionally, unless the spring & shock are much, much stiffer.

I've been looking for a solution, tried an airbag for a while and that worked OK but they required a little too much maintenance and limit flex at slow speeds, and on a bump that compresses both sides they seemed to hit about as hard as the bumpstop did. Assume that's because the air has nowhere to go when both sides compress (had both bags piped into a common fill line).

The Teraflex Speed Bumps look like a great solution, but I'm concerned they do not appear to be adjustable so I'm not sure if they'd keep the shock from bottoming on a "short" lift, suppose I could add bumpstop up from the bottom if necessary. Is anyone running them?

What other solutions have I overlooked?

Any suggestions appreciated!

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I will be watching this. I am having the same problem as well and really don't want to spend money on the ACOS with the bumps built in. I have 3" springs as well and don't want to go any higher either.
Maybe the Daystar version would work for you? While not adjustable they have 2 lengths and you can vary the amount of compression rate by using different inserts.

I have no clue if they work well. ... Bump+Stops
Yeah, the Daystar ones are $210.

The Teraflex ones are $450 or $485 for the front pair alone ($900 for a set).

On Acme Jeep Parts (for instance, maybe cheaper elsewhere) you can get real
Fox 3" air bumps for $185 a piece and $150 for the install kit from Poly Performance.

So, basically, for $35 to $70 more, you can have air bumps over fancy poly bumps.

Don't get me wrong, the Daystar and Teraflex cans are a cool idea - the Daystar one is even tunable.

The price of Daystar's are actually pretty reasonable, Tera's seems like a lot of money for what you get.
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Thanks guys, I thought I'd seen those foam ones somewhere....saw a thread on pirate where a dude picked up a set of 4 of the Daystars for $360, that's pretty reasonable and might be a good way for me to go....going to do a little more research.
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