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Help me plan a vacation. New Mexico or Colorado?!

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I need help from the board locals.

I have some friends who live in Clovis, NM and some that live in Altus, OK...and I'm in Wichita, KS. All of us are trying to meet in a central location during the second week of November. The plan is that I'll drive the Jeep, the boys will play on the trail while the girls do.....girl stuff.

Originally, we talked about Silverton, Co. The problem is I think the snow fall in the mountains will be too unpredictable to do any type of wheeling up there or even really enjoy ourselves. 4 days of being socked in doesn't sound like fun. We also talked about Keystone and the like but we were starting to leave the Oklahoma friends too far out.

Next on the list is Santa Fe, NM. I know NOTHING about the off-roading there but the weather looks like it will be in the mid 50's around that time. Again, I have no idea what the mountains will be like during that time of year.

I'm not looking for break neck trails. Just some mountain roads with some obstacles to play on. Probably will try and find a local with a Jeep or truck from a board to meet up to go wheeling with.

Is there another area I should look at? What are the conditions like in Silverton and Santa Fe during early-mid November?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Red River, NM would be a great place for all of you at a perfect distance. There are some fun trails to do there and plenty of shops and such for the ladies. Plus its really just a relaxing area.

There are some 1/2 day trails and some long, full day trails in the area so you should have fun.

Red River is a ski town, so its settled into a nice box canyon. (kinda)
check out

Local board for NM. Most folks seem to be in the ABQ area, but there are folks elsewhere in the state as well.

I agree on Silverton - probably be way too unpredictable weather wise to venture there that late in the year.
November is too late for Colorado. Most of the interesting stuff will be closed for the season by then.
I think Red River is it. Looking to reserve the cabin this week.
I think we had a change in plans. The couple form NM can no longer go. As a result, I'm actually thinking about going down to Clayton and getting a cabin for us remaining two couples. Then I can still get some wheeling in, some fishing, and some relaxing with 4 hours less driving. :D
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