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Help me figure out what the noise my heep is making Please

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I have a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

I bought it with 28500 miles on the odometer and it now reads 30900.

about 50 miles ago it started ticking and i am worried it is in the A/C or heater. I dont think its a lifter or anything to do with the engine because the sound is only heard from the inside of the cab, it doesnt always happen and it goes away once it is warmed up.

I am pretty familiar with the workings of an engine BUT I am no where near as knowledgeable as most of yall here. I would like to know what you think are some possible options or if you know what it is(possibly a common problem) please let me know.
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I'll move this over to General, should get a better response.
blend door?
Does the ticking speed up or slow down when you adjust the fan speed for the heater/AC?

If not, then what about with throttle (sitting still &/or moving/coasting)?
Exhaust leak? Sometimes on cold mornings mine will tick at start up bad for a few seconds then mellows out. I know my header has a leak somewhere.
With all the lifter and OPDG failures I'd sure get this checked out.
Everytime I fire up my Jeep I sort of freak if I hear something that sounds like lifter tick!!!
Given your mileage, you are about due to tighten the headpipe to exhaust manifold bolts.
The emission equipment behind the right rear tire clicks when the engine is first started. The sound doesn't last long. Could be your noise.
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