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I'm hot on the trail of another Rubicon, a 2014 with 60K miles. It's very nice and already has 35" tires which will save me money.

However, it has a Patriot Fastbacks top on it that looks cool and I'm sure cost a lot of money (maybe $3500 according to the website) but it won't be usable for my purposes. I want to take the top off whenever I want so it seems the three piece freedom top is much more suitable.

How hard/easy will it be for me to trade this top for a freedom top?

The other issue is the owner has some putty where the door meets the top on both sides of Jeep to keep it from leaking. Is this an issue with the Jeep or with the top?

If I get a freedom top I don't want to have to use putty to keep it from leaking.

If the answers to these aren't favorable I'll just pass on it and find another.

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Edited to add: I forgot to mention the other issue with the top is it doesn't have the drip rail that I believe some of the rack systems use for mounting and I want to carry kayaks.

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If the rest of the vehicle is solid, See if you can negotiate down

But if it was me, I would walk and look for something else.
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