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Harlan, KY - Black Mountain - Sept. 24-25

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Here are some pics from our recent trip to Harlan, Kentucky to Black Mountain Offroad Adventure Area! As some of you have read on the other thread, we had an amazing time, and everyone who attended was great to wheel with! It was nice meeting everyone

From here we had me, T_A_T_O, Bullypup, f9k9, and DavidT. AdamXJ from gator4x4 also came out along with another member in their club.

I will post what I have uploaded so far, and everyone can add to it, and when I get pics from others I will upload them here. It was beautiful weather for the most part!

Let the fiance drive us in on the second day so she could get a taste of offroad driving! She loved it, and did great!

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Looks fun! I've seen that XJ at Hard Rock a year or two ago.
Great pics. Can't wait to see the others.
Awesome pics. Place looks like fun
I'm soooo jealous! I wish I could get away and go back there again! I'm hoping to have a free weekend next spring when I can get out there again.
Here are mine finally.

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Awesome! Thanks, David!
Wow, nice pics! I'll be sure to get the ones off my iPhone 4 camera this week. Juans camera should have a bunch of good ones of everyone too. Thanks!
bullypup said:
Nice pics David.

Iam ready to go back
Lol me too...I would love to go back already! David sent me a pretty cool, short video of the XJ crawling a big rock, I think part of upper/lower damnation, not sure.
Here's a few more from my phone

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Yea I wish I could of gone. Looks like it was a blast.
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