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Ham repeaters San Juans & Moab?

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wb5tht here - Extra class and a VE. Been licensed a long time but haven't been active in a few years. I just dug out some old (1990s) 2M and 440 gear and a couple of talkies. Ordered new batteries for the talkies and darned if they don't still work :)

Next time we go wheeling in Colorado and Moab, I'm going to have my trusty Icom IC-28H installed and will bring the talkies (one is a dual bander.) We usually wheel alone, so it would be nice to have communications (and yes, we will have CB on-board.)

I looked over the Colorado Connection web site, but it appears coverage is very sparse in the San Juans - can anybody give me an idea of real-world experience there?

Couldn't find out much about Moab - any experiences around that area?

Tnx es 73 de wb5tht
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The San Juans have limited repeaters. I think there are a couple in Silverton and one over by Lake City. The only one I've ever listened on is the 147.375 in Silverton and never heard anyone.

Moab does have a linked system. Decent coverage and is active. 146.760 and 146.900. The pl is 88.5.
Much appreciated - thanks :)
A friend and I ran the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands a couple of years ago and he is a Ham operator. I know that we didn't see any Park Service ranger for 3 days and it was comforting to know that he had their repeaters programed in case of emergency.
As a non ham operator, I will definitely rent a sat phone or pick the new Earthmate PN-60w SEwith SPOT Satellite Communicator the next time I go and a ham operator isn't with us.

Communicate with family and friends from locations worldwide. Cell phone coverage can be unreliable, but the SPOT Satellite Communicator distributes your message dependably via satellite.

* Communicate even when cell phone service is unavailable
* Type & Send custom text messages to family and friends' email or cell phones
* Post your messages on Facebook and Twitter
* Allow others to track your progress on Google Maps
* Let family and friends know you're safe when your adventures take you to challenging locations
* In case of emergency, send an SOS message with text explanation included so responders can be best-prepared for your situation and avoid false alarms
I just wish that I could take advantage of the $200 off that they are offering preferred customers right now.
That SPOT communicator looks like a real neat deal and bunches less than a sat phone. There is no more code requirement and to get a ham license now is considerably easier than it used to be, so maybe you can pursue a license.

When I got my General class license in the 70s, I had to appear before an FCC examiner in the FCC offices and do the code thing at 13 words per minute (had to copy one minute of code without errors) and take the written.
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