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I got to play a little at Field Day. I helped making contacts on 40m and learned a little about the local club here. They are a bunch a nice folks. Reminds me of everyone I've met from ROF.

When I got home I was motivated to get my 2 Baofeng radios programmed the same. I got CHiRP installed and figured out enough to clone and program the radios. I was able to get the repeater & its tone set to a channel in both radios. I see the nightmare it is to program those Baofeng manually...glad CHiRP is easy to use.

I've started studying for the general. I see it is a big upgrade over technician. Oh, BTW, KJ7HEY....that's my call.
It's not just the Baeofungsushis that are difficult and time consuming to program manually - it's all of the talkies to some extent.

Glad you had fun at FD, they are enjoyable and a great social activity. I made a few contacts from the home station, 20 meters was wall to wall with operators calling CQ. I even made a couple of contacts on 15 meters which nowadays is almost a dead band.

There's a plethora of paid and free study resources for the different ham license classes, I've had my Extra license for 20 years so I don't have any opinion on which study aid/system are best.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts