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Got me some new TreadWright tires.

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They are 315/75R16 and they are on a Toyo A/T tire carcass. I will be mounting them this weekend.
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its all good till the tread peels off :D
Tires have a full warranty. They back their product and they wouldn't be in business long if they put out a bad product.
I have a friend with the BFG MT "Inspired" treadwrites, he has 40k on them and they look only slightly worn, I have looked at this option before but always got scared off by people who "Know" how bad they are but never had had any "Personal" experiance with them. :roll: I may give them a shot when mt BFG MTs wear down. $408 for a set (With shiping) to my house, nice.
Yes... The price is a definite plus. I needed new tires and for the price of some 31's I got 35's.
I was waiting for them to start selling them, but got inpatient. Got the new mtr kevs in the same size.
I checked their web site and it said they were not available, out of stock. I called them and was able to place an order for 5 tires and I got them within two weeks. You need to call and they can give you an estimate on when a particular size will be available.
I was also thinking about those tires. I'm due for tires some time around next year. If you don't mine and if you rember can you check back in with us and let us know how they are doing and what complaints if any.
I will keep up dating on how they do.

Got them installed today. They ride great and no balance issues. Now I need to install my 1.25 BL/MML.
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Looks good! What ply is that side wall? They look kind of prone to puncture...
I had a few friends that ran them with no issues at all. I bought one for a spare tire...I couldn't bring myself to actually run them.
stangmata said:
I bought one for a spare tire...I couldn't bring myself to actually run them.
I'd give them a try at the right price. I have run lots of re-treads in the last 30 years and usually the only difference I found with them is they last longer. If you have good carcasses many times a re-tread is better. The only issue I ever had on a 4X4 vehicle was the tread was stiffer and did not flex as well. These were 31" 10:50's on a CJ. The carcass was Remington and the re-tread was bandag. I ran in a lot of soft sand and the original tires worked better than the re-tread. It could have been the tread difference as well. A tire carcass can go many miles. It is the tread separation and wear that is a problem. New tread=new tire.
The carcass on all 5 tires is the Toyo open country A/T which is a high quality tire. They are load range D.
hmmm I wish I could see the faces of the people that look at your jeep and see MT/R tread on TOYO tires haha. I know I would do a double take before it hit me that they were re-treads.

I am interested in these for my other jeep. It is a trail only rig now, but I want to be able to cruise on the street again. Who did you talk to when you placed the order?

EDIT - $141.60 for a 315/70 R17 :eek:
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