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Goodyear DuraTrack; Anyone?

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I need to get a new set of tires for the Jeep and want to go with something a little better on the pavement but still use it offroad. My son drives the rubi around town most of the time. I'm looking at getting an All Terrian tire. Tired of buying M/T and not having them last as long as the AT.

I was just going to get the BFG A/T like I have had in the past, but started looking at the Goodyear DuraTrack A/T. Good looking tire and seems to get good reviews. The negative I have heard is it is not good for the larger trucks. The four wheeling I will be doing for awhile will mostly be during hunting. Running the backroads and such.

Does anyone have an opinion on this tire?

Side note: I will be selling the four Goodyear MTR's (old version) after getting the A/T.

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I put set of 33's on my Rubi last April. I'm a believer. Much quieter than MTR's (at least original versions). Important reminder - these aren't rock tires, but will easily handle anything else. Especially snow. If you're concerned about longevity, you will notice there's no stated mileage warranty. Soft, siped tread may wear faster. Don't know what size your after, but my 285-75R-16's are E load range which is much more than the Rubi requires. And they do look good. Have no idea about their performance on trucks, but I intend to get a set for my Tahoe when OE"s run down.
I am using them on mY Toyota Tundra, I really like them, I have about 10k miles on them so far and they are holding up well, the only off road I have done is on sand and they work well. They are only slightly louder than the BFG AT's, but not that bad, they ride nice. Based on the minimal wear, I figure I can get about 40k +/- miles out of them on my Tundra. I would buy them again.
I just put a set (285-75-16) on mine last month and so far I'm quite impressed. MUCH quieter than the MT/R's and very sticky in the rain. I did notice that the soft tread blocks feel squirmy compared to a mud tire but I got used to it quickly. The drive home from the tire place had me wondering if my swaybars were still there though! :D

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Running 315/70 17's on my wife's 4 door JK....nice tire for on and mild offroad. Don't think I'd do any hardcore wheeling in them tho. Have aired down to about 14# on rough mountain roads and they did great.
I pretty much second what Davey said but will add the caveat that playing with the psi will help with the squirminess. I never ran anything higher than 27/28 in any of my other jeeps but find that the duratracs really like a light 30 psi on the rubi - good and solid but not a steel wheeled wagon by any stretch. Had em out for a wheeling weekend and minorly chunked a couple treads but they stuck very well on wet rock so that's a good sign :0)
The Duratracs didn't last to long around here. A few weeks ago a rig was running them. He cut 3 side walls and each one took about 8 plugs to get him home. They also chunked up pretty bad. They are really soft thats for sure.
Thanks for the input. I went ahead and put them on. They are quiet and ride nice. I haven't have a chance to get off road in them. Well see.

We got a set of 33" Goodyear Duratrac November 2009. We generally run 75% on road (its our daily drive) and 25% off road (rocks/trails).
The tires run great in the snow and ice.
Spring/summer/fall they handle great, low road noise and a smooth ride.
Wet pavement they handle good also, but I drive conservatively due to high gas prices so I keep to speed limits.
Gas miledge is better that with the MTR.
Off Road - This was the biggest shocker for me. The Duratrac is not the most aggressive but wow they chew through mud, walk up and down rocks and technical obstacles. Even though the tires are 2 ply sidewalls, I haven't ripped them yet, and they hold up good.
I have nothing bad to say about them and have had a really good experience with the Duratrac.
I had a set installed a week or so ago with studs. I thought I would report that I am very happy with these tires so far and have been driving them in extreme snowy conditions the past three days and have been quite impressed with the grip and stopping capability as they just grab and stop you fast!

Rip'n up the road, finally a spot without white out conditions.

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