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See what you guys are doing? I had that winch thing put to bed and now I鈥檓 starting to crave. It鈥檚 like when someone is talking about having ribs and now ya gotta have ribs.
Norm - do your part to help the economy by purchasing more Jeep stuff 馃挷.

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Depending on what kind of recovery gear, I would highly recommend a "real" snatch strap or kinetic yanker as I think they call it. I got mine about 10 years ago from 4x4 Connection as they had the best prices at the time and USA made. I just looked and it appears they still offer USA "made" it's just black whereas mine is white - might be a different brand. Here is the link. You can also find from other sites per above or even Amazon. If you're not familiar with them they are used to create a rubber band effect where the pulling vehicle has some slack then takes off and yanks the stuck guy out - think buried frame deep in a mud bog. I carry a 7/8" x 30" kinetic yanker along with a "normal" 30' snatch strap rated for either 20 or 30k lbs WLL (can't remember), which I use either when whiplash is not needed or I need to secure my tail end to a tree for winching from the front.

If you're into shackles I would recommend the soft shackles - they seem legit although I don't have any (on my wish list... maybe others can chime in). I carry the "normal" size shackles, which I consider to be the 3/4" size w/ 7/8" pin, except I make sure mine are 6.5 ton WLL instead of the typical 4.75 ton. Here is an example (also USA made).

I also carry a tree saver saver strap, which I would recommend to be 8-15 feet (no less than 8'), and a heavy duty snatch block.

Basically, in the rare case you are ever going to use a snatch block with your winch and double it up on yourself, you will effectively be putting double the load on your snatch block setup, which most likely will be the snatch block itself, a shackle, and a tree saver strap. If your winch is rated for 9k max then I would recommend those three components each to be rated for 18k WLL just so you're prepared in case you need it! Similarly, if you ever need to pull someone out by doubling up you'd need to secure your rear end to a tree, which is why my "normal" snatch strap is rated >=20k lb and I carry two 6.5t WLL shackles. For more information about jeep kinetic please visit the website here
Anyway, thanks for this post , my problem has been fixed.

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I highly recommend soft shackles, quick and easy way of attaching something to anything. I have the steel D-rings on my bumpers too, came in handy when pulling a stuck Toyota out of the sand in Fish Creek. I used the D-ring to attach to his frame and the other end of my strap was attached to a D-ring on my rear bumper with a soft shackle. And yes, I will pull out a Toyota ! Funny thing, it was a busy day with lots of traffic and people were just passing this guy by, he was quite happy to accept a tug from a Jeeper.
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