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Good Deal on MTRs?

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I just happened to walk into the Gy dealer today, and walked out with 4 285/75 mtrs.
To the tune of about $1078, does that sound like a good deal? Well I thought so, and if I can get them mounted by the 15 of this month Ill get them for another 80 dollars cheaper.
I dont think I can pull that last part off due to not having anything other than 3/4in spacers all the way around.
What are your thoughts on that ? Good deal or no?

Also Im thinking of trying to get a BB to put them under there. I know I might have problems with rubbing offroad, but I dont offroad all that much.
I also was thinking of getting some bumpstops to try to get them under there now but Ill more than likely giveup a comfortable ride.
The tires will be there on Monday which will be the 11 so 4 more days to try and get them fitted under there
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I am thinking of getting Aev springs and putting them under there. Anyone know about a good TB bracket (a good stout one). One that Ill not have to worry about. I would rather do that than to redrill another hole.
Aevs TB kit looks nice but not sure about price.
I compare tire prices against :)
I can only tell you that I went to a Goodyear dealer in 2005 and was stunned to find the 33" tires (LT305/70R16 MT/R's) at $328. each - and I needed 5.

But it turned out that they price matched any price within 50 miles - and they looked online and found a $218 price online just five miles away at a Gemini Tire Center. The strange thing is that Gemini is owned by Goodyear - but they had real different prices and service levels.

So they matched the price and I saved $550, and I still get the full price service from the name brand dealer.

Tire prices actually vary quite a bit with the price of crude oil - since the main raw material in tire rubber is petroleum.
yea which i had compared prices on internet tirerack showed 235 and i got them for 221. 234 each with mount, balance, and roadhazard
Since we're tossing out tire dealers, I have had good luck and really like these guys-but it depends on your location for shipping:

Best of Luck,

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