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Getting back into a jeep

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Been a while since i have posted on here. I sold my 08 4 door Rubicon, bought and M3, now im currently in a new duramax, however i have missed my jeep since i sold it :( This time around though its not going to be a DD. Im looking to get something that can be street driven on weekends, or to work if i want, while at the same time build it to tackle close to anything. Im looking to have a semi built rig depending on what i go with. this would include 36s-37s, new axles if eventually, cage etc.. I posted here so i get a mix of opinion vs the specific YJ and TJ forums. So, im debating between a used YJ or a used TJ. obviously the biggest difference is the headlights (jk) but in all seriousness the YJs im finding are in the 3-4k range, while the TJs are in the 4-7k range. My biggest question is, what do you think would best suit my needs. I Love the look of the TJs, their suspension, etx...however, YJs have grown on me for their pure functionality aspect. They are just so damn simple, light etc...

So, with that being said, any ideas as to where i should start out? The YJ would most surely see a SOA, lever shackles on rear, 37s, ford 8.8/dana 60, re gear of course. I like the YJ because it seems like it is pure functionality. The leaf springs ad character and are proven to be reliable, and it is very utilitarian, meaning i dont have to worry to much about leaving it outside with no doors, top etc....and its cheaper :) i also wouldn't freak if i flopped it, or got a good scratch in it. however, its hard to find a 4.0, most have the 4 angry squirrels under the hood.

the TJ, would be on 37s for sure, most likely i would hold off on the axle swaps etc...till something breaks...kinda that build as it breaks philosophy :) however, as much as i love TJs, they are just nice to be taking to tellico for a long weekend and beating the crap out of it. I would be so pissed if i got a huge rock scratch on the side of it, or broke the wind shield frame on it. the positives are the suspension (i think) and more up to date vehicle, so its better for around town driving.

Thoughts on this guys? i would greatly appreciate any advice you could give with my issue...Im just happy i can now get a Jeep back :)
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get an early tj, better frame for the most part than the yj's. that and you really don't want the 4banger lol. there are some real issues with some of the yj drivetrain parts such as trannies and some of their engine electronics depending on what year it is.
I would say TJ for sure too...or even an LJ if you are up for spending more money! lol. I had a brand new TJ rubi in 05 and still took it to tellico, etc and used it but not abused it. I didn't have any issues when I got a scratch or a small dent ( on my first wheeling trip lol)

This time around I bought a used LJ rubi, and even though it is very nice, that whole concept isn't there, it doesn't even cross my mind really when I know I might get a big dent or damage windsheild frame etc.....the fact that it is not brand spankin new helps. And the TJ will serve you much better for longer in my opinion, and do even better driving around town/ to work. The suspension is much nicer and smoother, on and offroad. I am not a fan of leaf springs at all, for many reasons. And like JimmyB said, definitely get the 4.0! Good luck, keep us updated!
TJ. Don't look back. Or do like me and get a CJ. Listen to Jimmy.
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