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Hello All,
I pull a 2600 lb pop up camping trailer with my 06 RLJ and last time I pulled it, the weak rear cross member flexed a lot. Yes, I could have bought the end corner reinforcement plates, but wanted something stronger. I did a search and the GenRight rear cross member came up. I ordered it straight from GenRight and, WOW, is it a nice piece. I installed it today and there is absolutely zero flex with the trailer attached. The mounting holes lined up perfectly, the laser cuts were very nice and it was nice to get something that fit great. It's strong enough by itself to use as a bumper or whatever. I have an aftermarket bumper/tire carrier that mounted up perfectly to this. All in all, I give it a 9.5 out of 10. You can see the difference of the stock crossmember and the GenRight, as the side view picture shows it best. It's the piece sandwiched between the stock cross member and the bumper. I also added the two supports nearest the receiver, as there weren't any support there. The bumper attaches in 6 spots now.


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