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Gear lube...75w-140 vs 80w-90 or 75w-90

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I assume most folks here are using synthetic 75w-140 gear lube in the axles, especially the rear. What about the front?

The literature I have seen (owners manual, FSM) seem to indicate that 80w-90 is OK for the front. However, both front and rear diffs have 75w-140 synthetic on the metal tags, so that is what I used last time.

Anybody using 80w-90 or 75w-90 in the front? Or the rear for that matter, although I'm pretty sure I'll stick with the thick stuff for it.
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I have the MOPAR service manuals and they call for 75w-140 full synthetic front and that's what I use.
Yep, 75w-140 full synthetic. No need for friction modifier.
I wheel hard and tow hard so I run 85-140 in mine Royal Purple full synthetic, great for almost 78K.

Best of Luck,

I happen to wheel in a lot of MUD...Yep New Jersey sucks. I have found the Walmart brand 75W-140 synthetic to be a good choice for anual fluid changes. This gear lube is half the price of your name brands. :pBR:
That Royal Purple is like $18.99 for 32oz!! My Rubi needs 100oz to do front and rear so I'd need to buy 4 bottles, that's $76 bucks!!!!!!!!!!Just to change the diff's.

Check this out, 13 a bottle.

This I what I bought, a 12 pack for $157 = 13.15 each with free shipping.
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