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Fuel back splash/overflow when refueling

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I know this topic has been covered but it's time to wake it back up again.
Some action has been taken by the NHTSA, so we should reinforce it by speaking up.

I've had this problem for a couple of years now.
This is a very common problem for the TJs and some of the JKs.

The inlet check valve in the tank is a part of the fuel tank. It sticks. Cannot be replaced separately from the fuel tank.

There is a lengthy thread here on ROF on the subject which I have not revisited in some time.
I have read hundreds of posts and conversations on this subject over time and in various forums. It seems that to date all Chrysler is doing is (for the most fortunate) to offer to pay part of what it costs to replace the fuel tank. They will only do this much after jumping through hoops and a goodly amount of time on the phone with their off shore customer service team. Then you must have an evaluation by a dealership, that you will pay for.

After all of that, the replacement tank bears an identical part number to the defective one.

If you are having this problem I would like to encourage you to go to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) website and file a complaint. It only takes a minute or so to do it.

Here's a link to make it easy for you.

Chrysler HAS been notified by the NHSTA, but further pressure could encourage a recall.

Having it repaired will stop it from splashing fuel onto our vehicles, hands and clothes and will prevent it from seeping into the ground causing unnecessary pollution and contamination of the environment.

It would ALSO be nice not to have to pony up $350 for a replacement fuel tank. $85 for an evaluation or $100- $150 co-pay that some have had to pay when having their tanks replaced.[/quote]
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Done. Thanks for the link to make it quick/easy. Mine spews TONS of gas all over.
It's annoying isn't it!

Hopefully we can holler loudly enough to get their attention!

Hmmmm... I wonder if a FB link would be helpful too.
Not sure I know how to mass produce one of those.
got mine replaced under warranty, and havent had a problem since. Chrysler knows there is a problem. I didn't get any grief about mine from Chrysler or the dealer, they just took care of it.
How old and how many miles though Eric?
How long ago did they replace it?
Mine is an 06, 50k on the clock, no warranty at all.
it was after the 3-36 expired, they also bought me a new soft top when the back zipper failed although that one cost me a hundred dollar deductable, because I had torn holes in it.
I have had pretty good experiences with chrysler warranty people in detroit.
Thanks for posting this. I just filed. First time this happened I was washing my windows and the pump never shut off and spewed about 3 gallons all over the ground.
I brought this up a couple weeks ago and hears the latest. 2011 Rubi 2dr., 21,000 miles. The dealer called me the other day and said they had gotten the new tank and filler spout and hose. I head up to get it installed next Tues. April 16, 2013. It is still under warranty till Oct. 2013. Will let ya'll know how that goes. Have a good weekend everyone! :)
Remember, these are covered by the 8yr 80k emission warranty.
The dealership in Wichita would not cover mine under that warranty.
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