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FS: Mac's tiedowns, set of 4

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Selling a 4 pack set of my Mac's Tiedowns.

There's 4 in the set. $125.00. will ship for $15.00 more - via USPS Mail - they should fit an a flat rate box for speedy delivery.

Very good condition, no wear marks/chafs/cuts etc.

They have the integrated axle strap, with wear guard. (two of them shown here)

Here's a partial view, showing the black wear guard over the axle strap portion

Here's the other two, shown bundled for storage.

Strap keepers included, which are used to bundle them for storage, also to secure the loose end once you strap the vehicle to the trailer

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No one give him an offer, Jk haha. Hope you have them in a couple weeks.
Also worth noting, these have only hauled my jeep on 4 different trips. They've always been stored out inside, and not left laying on the trailer when I got to my destination.

They include a nice little carrying tote from Macs. The bag is blue.
I have these tie downs... Love 'em. Would buy again.

Bump for a good product!
kidmugg said:
I have these tie downs... Love 'em. Would buy again.

Bump for a good product!
X2. I have Mac's and won't use anything else.
I have a set and there well worth the money. Bump for a Mac's tie downs.
I'd be all over those if, a tow rig and trailer ere included! Bump for a sweet product.
Phillip said:
Are these 2" or 4" straps?
bump...... still available
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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