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FS: 2" Budget Boost Lift

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hey guys and girls

if your looking for a 2" budget boost lift kit, Spacers only. i have a custom made all aluminum set that i had machined up. only reason for taking them out is because i put in a set of ACOS coils spacers from another member on the board. they worked great ll you need to get is some longer shocks. or if you have enough armer you can just use your factory ones... i did and ran into no issues. once in a while i would extend the shocks out completely and it would make a bang. but thats it.

$200.00 shipped out UPS ground to your door.

PM me if you are interested ....

heading to the movies right now to see unstoppable, but i will post pics as soon as i get home . thank you
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ok TTT

if no one is interested in a 2" BB

what if i was to machine them down to a 1" or 3/4" or anything that you really want thats under 2" to make up for a winch/heavy front bumper addition??? thats worth ...... 120 shipped to your door. (that would be 120 for a pair each) if anyone wants to put dibs on them??
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