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Front locker problem?

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My 05 LJ Rubi has had a locker bypass performed roughly 1.5 years ago, late last summer it would not lock in when I tried throwing its switch. I had to replace the front axle housing and now it won't unlock, when vehicle is running It Constanly actuates the Front locker pump wether the switch is engaged or not. The only way I can use it as an open diff is by unplugging the harness manually from the front actuator pump.
If anybody has any experience with this issue in the past or can lend some knowledge, please help.
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what locker bypass method did you use? Sounds like the locker is getting a signal to lock from some where.

Local jeeper has been having a problem with the bypass shown in JP magazine, he changed over to the one on the wandering trails site and things have been behaving a little better.

As the above post said it must be getting the signal from somewhere. Have you checked the wiring from on end to the other in terms of insulation? Could be the switch is bad internally also.
Who did your install of the front housing when it was replaced? Did they have experience with Rubi lockers? It sounds as if your locker sensor switch inside the diff was installed wrong, and is on the wrong side of the ring, thus keeping your front engaged all the time. I'd pull your cover and see what it looks like and determine from there. IF that's the case, it will require pulling the carrier to set the sensor (inside the diff) to the correct side of the ring.

Best of Luck,

I've been having issues with my lockers as John mentioned above. Looks like it has nothing to do with my bypass or my dash switch. Seems to be the rear locker sensor, the sensor itself seems to work fine but whatever actuates it inside the diff seems to be hit and miss. So I would tend to agree with Mike, going to have to open her up and see, due for new fluids anyway.
Is the fill plug on the diff in too far? If it is it will not allow the locker to disengage. Use teflon tape and just snug it up. It is a very common problem.
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