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Front Driveshaft Length

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I measured my front driveshaft a while back and was about to order a new HAD driveshaft at work today and can't find the paper. Does 38.5 inches sound right?
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I just measured my old TJ shaft which is sitting on the bench, and it measures 38" even. I don't see why an LJ front shaft should be any different, so yours sounds about right. The amount of extension in the factory shaft splines could easily account for the 1/4". Plus, you don't need to be exact anyhow. The slip splines will adjust to compensate for a lot more than that.
Just measure from center of u joint cap to center of u joint cap. Remember if you're lifted your may need to be longer than someone whose isn't lifted.
I have mine sitting in the back yard, well garage. Did you order, or should I take some measurements?
I'll be under the rig tomorrow burning in some new body mounts. Still running the factory shafts and can get a number for you as well if needed. At 6" of lift though, yours may be a bit different in length and spline engagement...

Still have the shock adjusters on order-haven't received them yet. If you're needing some quick for any reason, I can ship you my original take-offs that were never mounted. Otherwise if you don't mind a little longer wait, I can send brand new ones from Rancho to replace the ones I borrowed on the trail...

Let me know if you need anything,

Best of Luck,

Thanks guys. I think the 38.5 was from center U-joint to U-joint. I ended up getting busy at work and still haven't gotten the darn thing ordered. Was going to measure last night but had to adjust the alternator belt on my Rodeo after having belts replaced at Firestone last weekend and adjusted there this weekend. Figured I would do it myself since they couldn't get it right and low and behold the bolt was already snapped off. I am sure it was them but can't prove it so needless to say I won't ever go back to another Firestone. I spent the night drilling and tapping out the old bolt and making it work. Going to try and order a new one today but wasted a whole night of jeep time.

Mike don't worry about sending the caps I'll catch up with you on the trail sometime. I still have 2 and if I lose a fitting on the trail I have worse problems than the cap.
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