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Front driver axle seal leak

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Hello, does anybody have a good link to a good write up on how to replace the axle seal on the front Dana 44? I've tried a search but only comes up with people talking about seals. Thank you.
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Thanks for the links to the write ups. With the Rubicon axle, is there any other steps I need to worry about with the air line? Also, I went to every auto part store around me here in Gatesville Texas, and none of them can find that seal. Would you happen to know the part number by chance?
I can't recall any specific details to our axles. The main thing is not to mix up the bearing caps holding the carrier in. Put them back exactly how they came out, no exceptions! Same with the torque on their bolts. Also don't mix up or loose any shims, keep them in the exact same order as they came out. Which will be hard cause once you pop the carrier out, usually requiring a pry bar etc, they tend to go everywhere! With the air line... It is fairly simple, just don't break anything.

For the parts, and also another good person to ask any specific questions, would be David at Northridge. I can't recall the part# off hand. But he would know and set you up.
Thanks again. Yes it will be David to the rescue, again. I should have thought of him the first go round. Hopefully I won't mess anything up.
While not totally nessecary, many have improvised or made their own tool... I did remember seeing THIS nifty little tool that could make life a little easier. This place has lots of cool junk as well. I'd still buy the seals from David and seek his advice tho.
when he says exactly how they were put in..that includes the top and bottom being in the correct orientation as well as correct side. those are machined with @ .0005 tolerance.

if your going to be in there do both seals.

also inspect both of your shafts closely. there will probably be a small groove where the seal was..if it's a deep groove you may want look into a sleeve for it.

also check for the shaft to be straight. Wobble from a worn u-joint or a slightly bent shaft will wear out those seals fast.
Thanks for the heads up on the groves, I would have never thought to look. My driver side axle u-joint is shot. I'm hoping that there will not be anything wrong wiith the diff.
Sweet. My U joint went to crap and took the seal out.. Ugh. Looks pretty simple to do.
I have the seals on order. I also got the superior axle outer seals to keep out grime on order also. Hopefully I'll get them this week to do the job this weekend.
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