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Front Drive Shaft Noise in 4H/4L

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My front drive shaft was making a noise very similar to a bad water pump when driving about five weeks ago. The Mechanic said, u-joints were the issue, therefore replaced the front group. This weekend had a chance to go 4 Wheeling. As soon as I entered 4H, I heard a light clicking under the jeep. Drove a little more in 4H/ 4L ; Lockers on/off; and as soon as I placed it in 2L, the noise dropped off.

Decided to drive a little more on the trails in 4L and the noise returned. What a way to end a long jeeping adventure for the weekend, only getting two hours of riding done. Plus, I had to drive 300 miles to get home. Then drive to the shop and back.

Anyway, the parts are ready to be installed tomorrow morning.

My lesson learn from this is: conduct a road test before to check out of the jeep after a major repair job. Find the problem children before making those jeeping plans. Spending hours driving and money.

Now I know why so many people tow their jeeps to events.

Anyway, that’s my little nightmare with 4 Wheeling last weekend. Two hours out of 10 total hours of light is better than nothing.
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Let us know the results of what your mechanic does and what parts he replaced.
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