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From the beginning to the end

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Well the Rubi was sold and delivered to Seattle last night. A sad ending to an 8 year adventure.
A little tribute.

Day one wheeling

Not discoed

First recovery (didn't know about pulling backwards at the time)

New lift

New bumpers

New sliders

Even better sliders, guards, new wheels and tires and another 1" in lift

A little graffiti

Updated graffiti

The last day

My favorite pic

A little night mall crawlin

A group hug with all his buddies on the first Moab adventure


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Glad it sold for you, but sad at the same time. Hopefully the new owner will carry on the legacy of your Rubi and join up on ROF too. :D
The new owner already has the sticker :cheesy:

Sorry for your loss Tigger
Hope you'll stick around ROF Brian. Maybe an LJ in your future! :D

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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