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Found an LJ Rubi Sahara if anyone is looking for one......

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Actually, I'm not 100% on it yet. It has the sahara fenders, sahara wheels and exterior decal. But the interior serial number is missing and the chrome grill is painted. Evidence of wreck maybe?
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I'm pretty sure it is a real one...many of the sahara rubis didn't get have the interior serial number installed. Mine doesn't have it either but when I called with the VIN they verified that it was, and which number it was. The decal can be ordered, and from what i've read, certain sahara items came in a box and was supposed to be installed at the dealer (interior decal, spare tire cover). This one has the seats, and the chrome grill on a sahara is just an add on piece, so I bet it was just removed. I removed and sold mine lol. Good find though! A rubi unlimited (LJ) is already hard enough to find, let alone a sahara one! Someone should def jump on that.
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