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ford f series clutch slave bleeding

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ok, new clutch slave cylinder on my 88 f 350 cant get all the air out? as crazy as it sounds there is not a bleeder on these units. go figure? any tricks on how to get the air out
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here ya go...
Clean reservoir cap and slave cylinder in the area of tube connection.
Remove slave cylinder from transmission bellhousing, then use a 3/32 inch punch to drive out the pin that holds the tube. Remove tube from the slave cylinder and place end into a container for waste fluid.
NOTE : The tube is connected to the master cylinder, so keep the reservoir cap tight to minimize fluid loss.

Hold slave cylinder so connector port is approximately at 30°. Fill with approved DOT 3 brake fluid. Rock or push on the pushrod to expel all air. Ensure that no moisture or dirt enters the slave cylinder with the brake fluid.
Ensure that all air is expelled before reinstalling slave cylinder.
Gravity fill master cylinder and tube by removing reservoir cap and diaphragm. Fluid should flow out of the open end of the tube into waste container. When fluid is flowing in a steady flow and fluid level is at specific level, install diaphragm and cap. Then install the end of tube into slave cylinder.
Replace pin that holds tube to slave cylinder, then check to verify proper system function.
also if you can after you do all that park it nose high a little and the air will rise to the top sometimes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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