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Fledge 2.0 ... And so it begins.....

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I'm sure most everyone knows Dale and his jeep Fledge - Fledge and Dales exploits has been well documented on ROF for many years now.

Dale doesn't post nearly as much as he used to, a simple thing like life, moving to Colorado, starting a family etc - have taken center stage for him.

As life changes - so to does your hobbies.

Dale built Feldge up with som of the better bolt-on improvements available for the time - and Fldge was built to be more of a backwoods explorer and expedition style rig. It certainly served it's purpose giving Dale, his with, and dogs plenty of life experiences to never be forgotten. But one thing it also gave Dale is a very well rounded taste of whatthis hobby has to offer. And you know what - Dale loves the Rock Crawling!

Moving to Crawerado, and starting a new family, it was time to update Fledge for it's new mission - To be a family friendly, serious Rock Crawler. Capable of running all the hardcore tails in Colorado and Utah. It has to be family friendly, and perform exception on the street and highways, as Dale doesn't plan on trailoring Fledge.

With a bunch of consults, tons of planning, and a test drive - Dale knew our Freak Platform was the perfect choice.

Following our Keep it Simple, Keep it Solid approach - Fledge will be completely converted to our Freak Platform, and gone through thoroughly to remove, repair, and simplify previous modifications. Fledge will also get some some custom touches not seen yet on the Freak platforms.

Now the real transformation begins....
Some Specs:
Model: 2005 LJ Rubicon
Axles: Custom Spider 9 Assemblies
Engine/Transmission: Stock for now...
Wheels: Walker Evans 17" Beadlocks
Tires: 40"x13.5" GoodYear Kevlar MTR's
Suspension: Rokmen Custom Tuned 2.5"
Armor: Rokmen all the way around
Steering: Custom, w/PSC Hydro Assist

And lots of custom touches... You'll have to follow along to see them all...

The gallery with tons of pics can be seen here:
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Some pics to wet the whistle....

Starting point....

Out with the old...

Some repair of Previous Modifications..
... and a little welding porn for you addicts....

A new drop down tailgate, with some nice custom touches..

One more piece of welding smutt...

A bunch more pics can bee seen in our gallery here:
(There are also descriptions in the gallery for each picture)[/
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If you all don't mind can you unbolt the tub and send it my way along with hood, fenders etc... Just a few bolts... LOL

Like I've said before, those wells are purty..
And I thought Fledge looked good before. Can't wait to see 2.0 :popcorn:

Oh, and I love the Tailgate. That thing looks sweet :jammin: Any more info???
x2 on the tailgate...I like that way of securing it so much better than with a pin on the passenger side like most other conversions seem to have.
As always amazing work guys. I love seeing fledge when I go to the shop. Hope to see it done soon.
Outstanding !!!

looking forward to seeing more.
Okies said:
If you all don't mind can you unbolt the tub and send it my way along with hood, fenders etc... Just a few bolts... LOL

Like I've said before, those wells are purty..

And what - ruin all the fun for you....... :)
Dave would I still be able to use my hardtop with that tailgate?
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