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Fender removal?

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For those of you who have removed your factory fenders for one reason or another, how long did it take? I don't see that much work but I'm curious as to your experiences.

Thanx in advance,
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4 bolts on the firewall, 4 on the inner fender to fire wall brace, 3 on the grill, and maybe two more on the inner fender to grill.

If you're worried about scratching them and still have everything in the way 30-45 minutes I'd guess. Some of the bolts are awkward to get to. I could pull my tubes in 5 prob.
I had the OE fenders off and the tubes on in 2 hrs
hardest part is all the accessories on the fenders....still not hard.
i wanna start putting together my Rokmen tubes but I DD my Jeep right now. Just wondering if it'd be feasible to pull a fender in the AM and work on that side 'til it's tacked together, then putting that side back on and repeating the process the next day or that evening on the other side.
Just weighing options before I start on 'em. Looks like they're gonna be slightly more involved than I had first imagined. lol

It's relocating the stuff that takes time. I had to locate everything on the fender well then remove them again to paint them. Took me a while.
I would relocate what you can. Then the swap will go far quicker than you thought. We completely fabricated my first set of tubes in just a couple of hours. The second set was even quicker. Don't talk yourself out of it. We've got your back.
It took me all of 35mins to get both off. granted I had a lot of stuff bolted to the inner fenders under the hood.
That's what I was thinking. I'm gonna pull one on my next day off and see how much I can get done. Even if it's only taking it off and putting it back on at least it'll be a step forward, lol. If I don't do something with 'em soon I'm gonna have to do something about the rust as they're already getting some pretty good patches of it. Damn humidity.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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