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Feeler- Axle sale??? - wanting to upgrade

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So I've been sneaking around the interweb looking for new axle options, just out of curiosity, and I've found that these here TJ 44's seem to be pretty pricey to buy used. With all the options for upgrades out there, it made me start to think of what I could sell these for to offset the cost of some bigger beef...

Just wondering how much interest there would be on a complete set of '05 Rubi axles with Stock 4:11's, lockers, housing, knuckles, ball joints, brakes.
Rear Chromoly shafts
Front RCV shafts
Currectlync steering links
Air pumps for lockers

Won't lie, I'd like to see $3500 for the set plus whatever shipping would cost.

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Too pricey???
Only thing that may hurt ya is stock axle tubes, but other wise I like the price but a bit to high for me.
First price I thought of was 3k
You can get them for what, stock about 1400, and rcvs are what 800, rear is what 500, steering (notsure), 300 for the pumps
Actually you can pick up the factory pumps for pretty cheap-$50-$75 or so if you really look. Other prices above are pretty close.

BUT, I bet depending on location, you could probably sell your whole package there for your asking price to the right buyer. Lots of folks see "Rubicon" and are all googlie eyed from the get go, then you'd totally bedazzle them with the RCV's thrown in with alloy rears. Yeah, if you weren't in a big rush, I bet you'd unload them before too long at that price.

Now if you were willing to part them out, you MAY even do better than that if you have all the stock axles on hand still to swap out. Sell the steering as a package, the RCV's and/or rear alloys as a lot, then the STOCK front/rear housings with gears/lockers/pumps as a package-you MIGHT get a little more even. Just a thought. All depends on the right buyer and how you list things. Most folks here are looking for a deal so it might be tough. Don had a buddies set of front/rear stocker assemblies for $2500 that I would have happily picked up for a friend of mine, but he ended up getting a set from up north somewhere instead. Don's sold, but they took a while. Just an FYI for your pondering...

Best of Luck,

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Thanks for the input guys!

as for the stock tubes, I'm on the fence right now on whether I should toss a TNT truss (or sleeve), excalibur ball joints, and true crossover on this axle and hope it is enough, or sell it now before I invest too much money into it.

I'm running 33's but have considered moving up to 35's, and am pretty light on the throttle except in the snow :lildevil: . On the rocks, and the trails, I rely more on spotters and technique more than the skinny pedal.

My 33's have gotten me everywhere the big boys on 42's can go with ZERO breakage so far, but I'd like to keep it that way.

With a reinforced housing and true crossover w/hydro assist will I be able to make this axle last on 35's max, or is it gonna fail in the end anyways, and I should dump the turd-icon "44" for a dynatrac 44/60 or hi9"?
Wow for 33's or possibly 35's-I'd just live with what ya got. I've been beating true 33's hard for 5 years now without failure (on the front). Blew the factory rear early on and upgraded to ARB and alloy shafts. Front (knock on wood) has been great and trouble free. I'm planning a 3-link setup and will sleeve the front at that time with possible truss, but other than that, no need for anything more. Still running stock front shafts, though while swapping out joints running regular old spicer 760's... It's been plenty for me on 33's and plenty reliable in 5 years of use so far. I MAY bump to 35's though and aside from the sleeve/possible truss, will keep it as-is. Run currie steering with Vanco/Savvy brakes and 4.88s. Standard spicer ball joints as well... For me, would be AWFUL hard to justify a PR44 or similar...

Best of Luck,

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