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F.S. Black Diamond "3" rear springs "SOLD"

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I have a pair of new rear coil springs for a TJ. They are 3" Black Diamond never installed in plastic bags. E-mail me with any questions or for pictures.
$100.00 plus shipping.
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Re: F.S. Black Diamond "3" rear springs "New"

bump: Make offer?
Thank you AL!
No thank you!

This will be my third set of springs I am trying out! First the LJ OME, the set I have on now is from a JK Unlimited Rubicon (I have the Nth spring perch relocators) now I will try these. With a tuffy box full of junk, the rear is a little too soft for me. (No junk in the trunk remarks!)
Springs arrived alive today! Thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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