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Extended Power Train Warranty ~ A Godsend!

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Found out last week my 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon's transmission is TOAST! Outta nowhere it gave up the ghost & I haven't even done the hard four wheelin' thing in 18 months. The bright news? It was still covered under an 7 yr/ 70K mile extended power train warranty. What would have cost $3K will now cost $100 bucks. Life is good!

The dealer here at Maxwell Jeep in Austin, Texas has been AWESOME! They were also the only one who figured out what was wrong with the motor a year ago when Jim Marsh Jeep (Las Vegas) or Mission Jeep (San Antonio) were forever stumped. One of my fuel injectors kept overheating & they wrapped it in some kind of heat resistant cover ~ problem solved!

This jeep overall has been great, but I am so glad I bought the extended warranties.
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good stuff, its rare to find a dealer that actually KNOWS what theyre doing
Thats great news. Is your transmission an automatic?
Yes, my Rubicon is an automatic.
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