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Exactly how many O2 sensors?

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Been reading many posts here regarding O2 sensors since my 2005 LJ started throwing up a P0133 code.

I'm getting the impression from reading these posts that there are four sensors? Doesn't make sense to me...

Of course this is happening within weeks of having to get it smogged.

I has about 41,000 miles on it.
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4 sensors is what my 04 has.

I think '05TJLWBRUBY has experience in this area with that code.
Four oxygen sensors:

1/1 front/before - 56028995AB
2/1 rear/before - 56028994AB
1/2 front/after - 56029049AA
2/2 rear/after - 56029050AA
Yes there are 4 on my 05 LJ Rubi each one will have it's one code.
this might help
Thats the list of codes and the odometer will tell you all the codes
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