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If you have any truck or large vehicle that has steering control issues do contact Tony by email at [email protected] or call Tony EST 8-4 1-989-448-2501 PIWcorp Gaylord Mi.
Link to pics and video of install and test drive. 7 new items by Tony Shepherd
This is a Roll back car hauler. The driver says this truck is moved in the wind when he has a big tractor on the bed. We will wait and see what he thinks about the EC install.
We just did an International Navistar 2WD Rollback car hauler. It is 26000 GVWR (looks bigger) It is a 2012 . It has 256000 miles.
Roadmaster Fitmaster does not show brackets, however, we used the Roadmaster RBK8 (I think shown for Freightliner Super C M-2RV chassis) and it is a very good fit. This will be on Fitmaster soon (Roadmaster find a part software).
We installed a 190mm set at 340 lbs. on the RBK8 brackets behind the tie rod. It seems perfect. It took maybe 30-40 minutes to install and 3 very fast adjustments to dial in. The adjustments are full turns (six flats) twice and then 1.5 flats to perfect.
On the bigger trucks and RVs the adjustments need to be a lot bigger than the Jeep adjustments.
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