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Embarrassing: How to PM? (mine stuck in "Outbox", not Sent)

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I show3 PM's still sitting in the "Outbox", but they are not showing as sent according to the "Sent" box....

This is only true for the last 3 PM's I wrote. The earlier ones show up in the "Sent" box.

I'm not a heavy user; I only have 2% utilization so it isn't full.

Any pointers would be appreciated!
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The weirdest thing....

I now only have 2 left in "Outbox". The previously-mentioned third now shows up in "Sent".
Is it possible that you can only PM based on the number of thread postings / replies you make?

I should also mention that I wrote the PM's 11 hours ago, so it's not a matter of impatience.


The recipient has yet to log in and view the messages. :wink:
Also, one the recipient reads it, then it moves over to the sent folder.

This feature of PHPBB is pretty cool because you can see if your PMs have or haven't been read.
Thank you both very much.
Who-ever said "there are no dumb questions" obviously hadn't met me yet...

Don't feel so bad. The same question was asked about a month ago.
Colin, In addition, if you want want to add to a message, find it in your outbox (if it isnt' read already) and edit the message, you don't need to send a new PM. Just edit the one in the outbox.
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