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Elephant Hill Trail, Moab

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I had never been to Moab, and had been wanting to go a long time. I knew I was gonna leave wanting, but I did reach some major goals. My buddy is now hard at work looking for a Rubi and my wife loved Moab and its Jeep goodness. She sees the light on upgrades :)

I went stock except for the Highline kit. My friend rented a Rubi JK that did well.

Elephant Hill.....
Windshield Vehicle Automotive mirror Rear-view mirror Auto part

On to the trail.
Badlands Mountainous landforms Shrubland Formation Plant community

Road trip Mode of transport Windshield Windscreen wiper Road

Wadi Canyon Mode of transport Rock Geology

At the trailhead...
Trail Rock Plant community Geological phenomenon Formation

Rock Formation Outcrop Bedrock Badlands

They have added some paving material to make the trail stable, but it is still an impressive start...
Rock Badlands Formation Outcrop Mountainous landforms

Rock Formation Canyon Outcrop Wadi

Off-roading Vehicle Regularity rally Automotive tire Car

Regularity rally Vehicle Car Off-roading Geological phenomenon

Wadi Geological phenomenon Rock Trail Geology

Off-roading Wadi Rock Vehicle Jeep

The parking lot below.
Badlands Formation Mountainous landforms Rock Vegetation

Rock Off-roading Geological phenomenon Vehicle Wadi

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Automotive tire

Regularity rally Vehicle Off-roading Rock Car

Geological phenomenon Rock Bedrock Formation Outcrop

Vegetation Shrubland Formation Plant community Rock

Off-roading Trail Rock Geological phenomenon Vehicle

Off-roading Regularity rally Vehicle Car Plant community
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Sweet shots! Thanks for sharing.

Got any pics of the confluence?
I missed the confluence and got a heads up later. Thanks for the good feedback.

Shrubland Plant community Vegetation Mountainous landforms Chaparral

Wadi Trail Badlands Wilderness Natural landscape

Wadi Trail Geological phenomenon Wilderness Rock

Rock Formation Wadi Bedrock Outcrop

Badlands Wilderness Canyon Formation Road

Rock Formation Geological phenomenon Vehicle Geology

A walking trail to some kewl stuff...
Badlands Trail Plant community Wilderness Formation

Mountainous landforms Shrubland Vegetation Plant community Wilderness

Vegetation Shrubland Mountainous landforms Plant community Wilderness

Wadi Natural landscape Wilderness Badlands Plant community

Badlands Trail Formation Wilderness Canyon

Rock Formation Wadi Wilderness Outcrop

I thought these looked like ape heads...
Rock Formation Outcrop Boulder Geology

Kewl stuff starts...
Rock Formation Outcrop Bedrock Wadi

Rock Narrows Formation Bedrock Geology

Formation Adventure Climbing Rock Bedrock

Narrows Formation Rock Geological phenomenon Geology

Narrows Rock Formation Canyon Geology

Narrows Rock Formation Geology Bedrock

Formation Narrows Cave Caving Rock
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Awesome pics. Another trail I haven't been on. Looks like a must-do.
Nice pics. Looks like you had a great time in Moab. I will never forget my 1st time to Elephant. Sounds like a perfect time for you to make the trip on White Rim. In the spring to early summer it has a fair share of bicycle traffic.

Moab is a really special place.
Elephant Hill is my absolute favorite trail. I always spend a day at Moab doing it, and I have driven it stock once, and on 33's twice. I like to get an early start, see Newspaper Rock, etc. in the cool morning on the way to Canyonlands, then hit the trail before noon, and lunch in the campground at the top (natural air conditioning in those tight box canyons). Then we hit the confluence on the way out, and do the tight twisty section above the parking lot again, and make it back to Moab in time to cook dinner.
Excellent pictures. Absolutely one of my favorite trails. Thanks for sharing. Here's a pic of the confluence.
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Thanks for the confluence pic. While camping on this trail we were close to the river. At night you could hear something in the river. I wondered what it was.

Rock Natural arch Formation Outcrop Geology

Rock Formation Shrubland Plant community Wilderness

Back on the road...
Wilderness Plant community Rock Badlands Shrubland

Vegetation Shrubland Rock Plant community Natural landscape

Badlands Geology Formation Rock Soil

Badlands Rock Formation Outcrop Natural landscape

Badlands Formation Wadi Rock Geological phenomenon

Geological phenomenon Rock Wadi Vehicle Geology

Geological phenomenon Rock Vehicle Geology Car

Vehicle Road Wadi Road trip Windscreen wiper

Geological phenomenon Rock Bedrock Badlands Wadi

Wadi Rock Wilderness Geological phenomenon Plant community

Geological phenomenon Rock Landscape Geology Ecoregion

Badlands Formation Mountainous landforms Rock Escarpment

Geological phenomenon Badlands Formation Bedrock Rock

Snow Winter Tree Atmospheric phenomenon Freezing
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wow thanks, I have to go...
I've done Elephant Hill 4x's... never saw that hiking trail (been to Confluence every time).... do you remember the location or name of the area it was in?
RubiMon said:
I've done Elephant Hill 4x's... never saw that hiking trail (been to Confluence every time).... do you remember the location or name of the area it was in?
To get to the Joint Trail, simply take a left and head south on Devils Lane instead of taking a right and heading north towards the Silver Stairs. It's the hiking trail to Chesler Park. Big pull off area, lots of signs, impossible to miss. Devils Lane is the first intersection you come to after the Devils Kitchen campgroung.

After you are done hiking, you head back north on Devils Lane to resume the Elephant Hill trail (or continue south, out of the park to Beef Basin via Bobbies Hole, which is what I usually do). If you resume the Elephant Hill trail, you can even go check out The Confluence too, if you want, long day to do both though. And to me, The Confluence is worth seeing, but, if you've already seen it, the Joint Trail is way more cool, in my opinion.

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