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Ebay stroker pack?

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Just looking at ebay, I see someone if offering a stroker pack that has the crank, rods, pistons, cam, gaskets ect. It appears to be a full bolt in kit. What am I missing? They run between $2k and $1500 depending on the compression (pistons). Is this a true bolt in kit? Also if they are, can a 10.0 / 1 compression run on pupm gasl? The 10.0 / 1 is rated at 100 HP and the 9.0 /1 is rated at 60 hp.
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Sounds like a scam to me. Making a stroker out of your engine is not what I would call a plug-n-play/bolt on modification. It's a bit more involving than that. As for the 10:1 compression on pump gas, yes that can be done. But your not nessecarily going to be running the cheap grade.
My plan for stroker when my 4.0 goes is the 258 crank with the nose machined down 10mm unless its an 87-early 90 YJ crank in which case you don't need to machine it down. Then run the 4.0 rods with custom pistons. This opens up a few options, it keeps the pistons up in the bores where they're supposed to be the 258 rods move them down a bit. Secondly when you get custom pistons you can often order them with your desired dish (or dome) so you can dial in your compression ratio a bit.

I'm assuming this is a parts collection you found that a private seller is selling?

Oh and don't forget the other machine work that goes along with this boring the cylinders at minimum.
Rockunlimited2, do you have a link?
gregert12 said:
Rockunlimited2, do you have a link?
Here is one, I am not the seller, this is only for an example ... ccessories
Depends on what you can get it for, I think. The "Buy It Now" price is effectively the retail price for everything he claims is in the "kit".

I do not think you will get the claimed 60hp just from the parts in the kit. I think you will also have to get a matched set of fuel injectors and a bored throttle body - only then will you make an extra 60hp.
if it comes with oversized pistons then will you not have to have the block bored in order for them to fit? i dont think that's "bolt on".
First off, forget horsepower. Think torque. Over 300 ft/lb of it. 250-260 hp is normal for the .030 strokers out there.

That said, It looks complete and the kb 944's are specifically for 4.x strokers, but the "505 Performance Pro Rock" stuff looks like stock rebuilt rods and crank, and the cam specs look even milder than my mopar RV cam. That's ok, a big horsepower cam will kill your low rpm's. Been there, re-done that.

You still have to have the block bored, decked to correct height, possibly align honed, and assembled. Assume another $500-1000 for these and anything i'm forgetting from mine. It's a really decent price for not having to hunt parts out of the junkyard, sometimes 2 or 3 times if it fails magnaflux. I spent about that much gathering up the parts myself.

Did I mention a stroker is the hand of god pushing a Jeep? best mod ever.
OOPS! You also need bigger injectors. Knew I forgot something. Throw in another hunnert-sometin for ford 24lb injectors.
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