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Easy Fluid Question

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So I plan to change out my Transmission/Transfer Case/Diff fluids this week and have a question. I am pretty much decided on fluids (Royal Purple for everything), but what do I do with the old stuff??? I take my old motor oil to Advance, but have never done the other fluids myself. Does Advance or anyone else take it???
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They don't differentiate between the oils here.
Do more research. You may decide agenst royal purple. The hype does not match the performance of many "botique" oils.
Advance will take the ATF and diff oil. Not the antifreeze though.
Most all oil recyclers take it all. They usually ban any cleaners like brake cleaner and such.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Of course I'll also ask while I am buying just to make sure, but it's good to know I won't have trouble getting rid of it.
Running RP in trans, and both diff's. No issues.
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