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Easy Access Seat /standard seat question

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I was excited to receive a Tuffy under seat security drawer. I was really bummed to find out I have the wrong seat. I have the easy access drivers seat. I think I like the box more than I like the seat. Will my seat bolt onto the other sliding frame?
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DId you receive the 97-02 TJ fold and tumble lock box that looks like this?

or the #248 for 03-06fold seat

If so, neither of them will fit either seat.

I had this same problem and there is no way (without mods) it will fit in the 05-06 slide and tumble frame. I ended up having to sell it at cost since the only other fix would be to raise the seat two inches. Tuffy will be releasing the 05-06 shallow box within the next few weeks.

What you need is the #251 box that is 8x7x3.25"
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I have the 248. The others will not work for me. They are a bit too small.
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