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East coast storm?

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I had some fun in this white Global warming stuff. I have a day off with pay for the 1st time since 1985. No trouble getting around with the Liberty or the Ruby but most of the Virginia Beach area is all closed up business wise.
I hear New Jersey has about 2 ft. in the north.
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M38A1 said:
I hear New Jersey has about 2 ft. in the north.

Hey Tom,

Yep 30" here with 4' snow drifts. FML

... had to be done
1st day off with pay since 85'? Wow!

A well deserved day off for sure.

Yep, be cool to see some pics.

view from office window


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as long as Peanut is having a good time :D
Eric said:
as long as Peanut is having a good time :D

Yep, Rusty Peanut always has a good time. :)

Video timelapse from Belmar, NJ (about 30 minutes east of me)
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My parents were supposed to fly into Newark this morning. Flight was cancelled and no flights until Thursday. They decided to wait and try again next year.
Wow--I'm glad I live far enough north to not have seen a single flake the past couple days. You guys got hammered.
We got hammered but it was amazing. So much fun to play in and actually have snow right around Christmas. In Philly it wasn't as bad because of the amount of wind both days. I will try to see if I have any pics of our house at the beach. I didn't get to take any while i was in Philadelphia
We got screwed here in York, only a dusting. Hoping for more Tuesday but doesn't sound promising.....

When we really get dumped on, they take a day or two to get to our street, which is great for wheelin!
4+ now freezing rain here in atlanta.

Pic from wheeling at the mall last night

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haha I just turned on the news b/c the N. East is about to get another storm. 4 to 7 here in Philadelphia and a solid 10+ in NYC.

How about your first year in the ATL inline6? Sweet pic btw and I will have to make sure that I get some this time around
Atlanta is fine. Lived here about 10 years ago. No big deal.

Parents actually live up in North GA and its good to be around them again. They are not getting any younger.

Still need to get out and do some wheelin. The trip this weekend may be canceled. But I have been able to drive around in the wintery slop the last couple days.

More snow up north, fun fun. Nothing like a couple days off for snow just to roll into a 3 day weekend. Great way to start 2011, 4 day week, 3 day week, 4 day week. Ahhh if I was not working from home, it would be great.
Hey Greg, welcome back.

7 more inches last night. :banghead:
About 15 inches here.
gregert12 said:
Hey Greg, welcome back.

7 more inches last night. :banghead:
Bragging about 7" :lildevil:
I am loving this winter. Another 15" here in Philly. They were only planning on 6-8 total and we got double that. It was snowing like crazy last night. I took pics and will post them up later.
14" here of pure slush. Will some one please kill me? It took 6 hours to snow blow the driveway which normally takes an hour.
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