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Drobo External Hard Drive System

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I have upgraded to a larger raid array, and am no longer in need of my Drobo V1.

Mine is the original 4 bay drobo with USB 2.0. (No firewire). It works great, and for those people who don't want the hassles of dealing with a real raid, it is a great setup.. Provides data security as well as the ability to easily expand your storage pool.

The only problem I ever had with the device was that the fan is audible over my computer. It has a computer controlled fan built in to cool the drives and if you run hot drives you can definitely hear the fan.. Other than that it has been functionally perfect.

Will come with the device and power brick. Ill throw in a USB cord as well.

Check out for more info.

$225 Shipped!
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Any Drives in slots and capacity...Phillip just set up our new system with raid in all workstations and server...
I was planning on selling it with no drives, but I think I have some 500GB and 750GB drives around which I could include with it for a bit more.
Still available...
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