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Drive Shaft ?

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I'm gonna be doing a 4 inch lift in the near future and was wondering if i have to get an aftermarket drive shaft for the rear or will the stock one work for a little while until i have alittle more money.
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4" is right there at the breaking point for needing a new DS. If you didn't get a new DS, you would have to have a MML and a TC drop. Personally, and this is just me, I would do the lift and when it is finished take the measurements to buy a new DS. At Tom Woods it would roughly run you about $350 or so. It would give you peace of mind and a more complete set up. But there are several ways of doing it like I said. But 4" is pushing it a little.
If you go with a double cardan shaft you also need adjustable control arms of the new drive shaft does nothing.
The kit i'm getting has all 8 adjustable control arms and i already have a mml and bl
I have all adjustable control arms on mine with 3.5" of lift, I adjusted the pinion angle to get the vibration out but I had to clearance the front yokes, they will bind badly when the suspension droops. It oculd also use a longer shaft as the stock one is stretched out.
Bob is right, I left that out but it would have to be a double cardan. And 1982cj7 is describing some of the exact issues that one might see.
yhank you all for your help i asked on jeepforum also and those peoples are just plain rude
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