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Drive Cycle?

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Gotta love OBD2. I keep my battery disconnected during long parks. Which caused me to fail (not complete) my first California smog test, 2005 Rubi. There are three vehicle-monitored parameters and any 2 of 3 working will pass. I had only 1 of 3 working. A 40 mile drive didn't improve things.

The two not ready are the oxygen sensor heater monitor and the evap check "EV". Anyone know the specific requirements for either of those to load?

I have the FSM but can't find the drive cycle. It used to be a graph of all the starts and stops and speeds, but the graph isn't in the Emissions chapter. That would have been too easy.

Yes, I can drive it around for a week. But it can be done in 10 minutes if you know the exact protocol to follow.
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Bill, what were the codes, if any?
No codes. No defects. The self-monitors were just "rebooted" by the battery disconnect and are not yet on-line. Can't pass smog until 2 of 3 are on-line. Time will fix this, but I'd like to get it over with.
OK, I misunderstood the question. I had a battery die and had the same result. Ran a little differently for a while!
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