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drag link?

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Is there an aftermarket drag link available for a TJ?? I know currie and rugged ridge have 'systems' but I just need a drag link to directly replace the stock one. I already have an alumiflex tie rod that I love.

thx for any help.
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Most of the kits that I have seen are tierods and not draglinks since they are kind-of protected by the tierod. Try calling [email protected], he should be able to point you in the right direction.
You can call Currie and talk to them directly, I'm sure they can get you the exact parts. I have dealt with them directly for a few years and they are great to work with.
Actually, Rugged Ridge (aka Omix-Ada) makes a replacemnt TJ Drag Link:

...for about $32, a simple replacemnt link rod, not a strength upgrade, and it uses stock rod ends.

The Rugged Ridge replacement crossover steering kit replaces the drag link, the tie rod, and the ends for $215, and all are beefed up and the croosover design eliminates much of the bump steer:

When you look at the rod cross section, you get an idea how much stronger the rods and rod ends are:

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