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Do I need extended Sway Bar Links?

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I have the OME HD springs in the front with 1.5" coil spring spacers and stock sway bar links. A friend recommended changing them to extended links wth disconnects beacuse the stock ones are maxed out. I'm not increasing the lift anymore than what I have as I also have a 1.25" BL. Should these links be replaced with longer ones? I do occasional trail riding but no rock crawling.
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I am going to be that your sway bar is below and not 10-15 degrees about the frame. Personally, I would upgrade to the JKS quicker disconnect since I would not want to flex on trail riding and have the swaybar snap up and in the other direction (out and in front of the bumper).
I'm not sure what degree it's at right now. I have about 4" of suspension lift now. The lift I had on my old Wrangler was less than 4" but it came with longer sway bar links. I just don't want to put any uneeded stress on anything by not having a complete lift kit.
My thinking goes along with Greg. While on level ground you would want the SB to be level with the ground at the very least. It is preferably though that the ends of the SB be angled up some (like Greg was refering to). Quick disconnects not only will give you adjustment in that area, but the way they mount is much better IMHO versus the OEM units. They also allow you to disconnect them MUCH easier and quicker. IMO it is one of the easiest and most functional upgrades you can do and it is super easy.

Jks does make a great set!
Well I just looked at it and the ends of the sway bar are definately angled down where they connect to the sway bar links not up. This was on flat ground. I assume I'll be ordering some extended length dissconnects.
These are the ones most people really like. I'd say your best place to get them would be Northridge.
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