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Do i need a t-case lowering kit?

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Hey guys,

I just put a 4inch lift on my 04 Rubicon and i was wondering if i needed the t-case spacers that came with the kit or if i could just run the jeep without them.

I was under the impression that because the Rubicon has a fixed yoke, the spacers would not be required.

If anyone could provide me with some feedback i would appreciate it.

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Get some adjustable rear uppers and ditch the TC lowering kit.
Since it looks like you have a TJ in the picture, you may need the t-case lowering kit if you have vibes with the rear drive shaft when running down the highway. I wish I could be more definitive but every jeep is different. If you have heavy bumpers, you should not need the spacers since they are weighing the lift kit down enough.
Oh, if you decide to get the adjustable uppers, and you have a stock DS, make sure they will go shorter than stock...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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