I recently bought out a parts hoard and among the treasure where these new in box Yukon D44 goodies.

As Murphy's Law would have it....I JUST had auto lockers and thick cut gears installed in my 05 LJR so I have no use for these parts and can not justify redoing the diffs despite the added benefit of selectable lockers. So, I would prefer to sell them as a package if possible.

Part numbers are in the photos
Id prefer local sale but I am not opposed to shipping to the right buyer

I put $2500 in the price bc that is a little more than 25% less than the price I got when creating a cart with these items (retail was around $3500). If you can find the parts cheaper, Ill do 25% less that number.

I think this is a great opportunity for a very specific TJR owner, hopefully they come across this post.

Thanks in advance

Drew from RI